Congrats to our Devon tennis champions

WOW!  What a weekend of fun tennis!  Thank you to all who participated in our Devon Championships and Our Labor Day Calcutta!  Thanks to the fans who came out to root on the players and to all who helped support these great events!
For the Devon Open, the following were winners:
  • Men’s A Singles – Tom Dempsey
  • Men’s B Singles – Matt Mayol
  • Women’s A Doubles – Michelle Boyd and Lisa Martin
  • Mixed A Doubles – Lisa Martin and Tom Dempsey
  • Mixed B Doubles – Mindy Mayol and Steve Jamell
  • Men’s A Doubles – Mark Noe and Tom Dempsey
Congrats to all the winners!
As for the Calcutta, we had 22 eager souls show up this morning willing to toil and labor through our two flights until it came down to our two finalists. The team of Mark Dittmer and Mark Branaman played childhood friends Joe Walker and Kevan Behlmer and in a really tight match, Joe and Kevan came through with a 7-5 victory.  The team was owned by Lisa Martin who donated a substantial portion of her winnings back to the Devon cause!  The third-place team was Ed Bentley and Lisa Martin.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who came out!